Road transportation

International transportation of goods by road today is on the highest demand and is as effective as possible in terms of price/quality.

KP&M Group offers excellent experience in door to door deliveries in both Less than Truck Load (LTL) and Full Truck Load (FTL) shipments. All trucks correspond to Euro 5 demands and are GPS traced.

Below is the list of most common trucks:

Tent, Semi-trailer  
Max cargo load 20-25t
Internal volume 60-92 м3
Capacity 22-33 Euro-pallets


Truck-trailer (Tent vehicle + trailer)  
Max cargo load 16-25t
Internal volume 60-120m3
Capacity 22-33 Euro-pallets


Refrigerator truck  
Temperature control from +25°С till -25°С
Max cargo load 12-22t
Internal volume 60-92 m3
Capacity 24-33 Euro-pallets


Max cargo load 3-25t
Internal volume 32-92 m3
Capacity 6-33 Euro-pallets


Tent "Jumbo"  
Max cargo load till 20t
Internal volume 96-125 m3
Capacity 33 Euro-pallets


Container Trailer  
Max cargo load till 20t
Capacity 2x20ft container or 1x40ft